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Evaluation Without Boundaries


Giving back to the Gulf Coast Community and Beyond.

Evaluation Without Boundaries (EWB) aims to match evaluators with community-based organizations and non-profits seeking program planning, measurement, and evaluation services.


The Gulf Coast Eval Network aims to build on the experiences of similar initiatives at conferences of the American Evaluation Association (AEA). We hope to not only create opportunities where local nonprofits can build their knowledge and skills to engage in evaluation, but to also create opportunities where evaluators can provide useful services and meaningfully engage with communities across the Gulf Coast Region.

How does it work?

  1. Community-based organizations design asks: Projects may include virtual or on-site training on various planning, measurement or evaluation topics for local staff; developing performance measures or data collection instruments; reviewing data sets; assisting with evaluation design; or, conducting an evaluation study. The timeframe of each project will vary.

  2. Matching: For each pro bono project, the EWB Coordinators develop a team of evaluators interested in providing services. Before project start, a memorandum of understanding will be developed to establish expectations between evaluation teams and clients.

  3. Project Implementation: Teams will work on projects that vary based on the needs and assets of each nonprofit and community-based organization.

  4. Follow-Up: After each project has been completed, GCEval will follow up with evaluation teams and clients in order to learn how the program can continue to be improved.

How to get involved?

Please note: The EWB program should not be used to avoid payment for evaluation services. GCEval’s membership includes evaluators who provide paid consulting services and we do not want to devalue their work.

Non-Profits & Community-Based Organizations

Please fill out the EWB Client Interest Form


Please fill out the EWB Pro-Bono Evaluator Interest Form

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